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Besides appropriate care advice to protect, feed and clean your shoes, there are also a number of things which you absolutely must not do. Below are the most important don'ts. Read them carefully and you will enjoy your (new) shoes a lot longer!

Drying out
Never place shoes near a heater to dry! The shoes can dry out and break.

Never hold suede shoes above steam! Water-soluble glue ensures that the lining stays attached to the upper material. This will come off when held above steam. Suede hardens when it comes in contact with moisture, causing seams and stitches to break.

Never place shoes directly in (blotting) paper in a shoe box after treating them with a spray or other products. By storing them when wet, the material can stick causing damage to the finish.

Vegetable oil
Never treat patent shoes with vegetable oil! Natural salts eat away the lacquer, making it flake.

Bee wax
Never use products containing or enhanced with bee wax on white shoes! If you do, there is a chance they will turn yellow.