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Fitting tips

Below are a number of tips to help you choose the right shoes.

Heel height
The heel height is measured on the back of the shoe, from the lowest point to the top of the heel. (Internal) platforms are not taken into account. The heel can feel much lower with a platform sole.

Shaft height
The shaft height is measured the same way as the heel height, on the back of the shoe from the lowest point to the top of the shaft.

Shoes sizes correspond to the sizes indicated in the size table. Nevertheless, a model of brand X can be narrower than a model of brand Y. If the shoe turns out smaller or larger than indicated in the size table, this is mentioned with the shoe concerned. Closed pumps for instance, can have a narrow toe box because they taper off. You know best what your foot looks like. For example, do you have a high instep? Then check if the shoe has a zipper or elastic, so you will not have a problem putting the shoe on. Do you have any doubts about the size or a particular model? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you.

Size difference
Is one foot bigger than the other? This is a common problem, but fortunately it is easily solved. We advise you to start with your largest foot and choose a size for it first. You can solve the size difference with half insoles, which should be placed at the front of the shoe. This lifts up your foot a little, making the shoe fit tighter around your foot. If you are interested in half insoles, please contact us.

If the shoe cuts on the inside or outside of the ankles, this can be solved with a heel insert. This raises the ankle. We advise using heel inserts for both feet. If you are interested in heel inserts, please contact us.

Toe room
Always make sure your toes have enough room in the shoe. A toe room of 5 mm (when unrolling the foot) applies to adults.

Slipping of the heel can be prevented with a half insole or an anti-slip. An anti-slip provides grip for the heel. If you are interested in an anti-slip, please contact us.